I am so excited to share the unleashed heart of our podcast editor! Guitarist, Chance Hayden, performs with renowned artists, leads his own bands, produces studio recordings, teaches music, composes, arranges, presents live music events, and more. He has sustained an active presence throughout Pacific Northwest since 2008 touring and performing  As a PSU Jazz Studies graduate, his music is deeply informed by the jazz lexicon while equally steeped with blues, funk and soul. In this episode, he is sharing to release of his newest single, The Comedown, and upcoming album this fall. Chance is bringing his jazzy funk to our conversation as he shares how blessed he feels to know he has wanted to be a musician his whole life. I love how Chance shares the truth with us about what it takes to hold the vision of your dreams as they unfold into your reality. He is truly living his passion and following his internal guidance system to create a life he loves. It takes levels of love, clarity, and commitment to stay committed to a dream and in this Friday Fill Up, Chance shares exactly how to do that. If you have a clear vision of your life, dream it boldly and start pursuing it courageously. This episode will inspire you to do that.