This episode of the LOA Series will help you better understand why you have so many unanswered prayers. It can be challenging to ask your Higher Power for help, support, and resources and then feel denied when they do not come. In this episode, I will break down the details on why that happens and how you can shift it. Without knowing any better, we often pray for things from a scarcity mindset and so we are often requesting things from forces greater than us that are not actually in our best interest. Beyond that, because we are asking for things that won’t really serve us, we are missing the mark on what we really want in life. Too often, we think we want a certain thing or experience that will bring us more peace and happiness and I am sure that you have proven many times that imaginary ‘made it’ points are not where your lasting satisfaction lies. In this episode, I will explain how to shift into a true abundance mindset so that you can co-create anything you like with more ease, grace, flow, joy, and gratitude.