GS Youngblood, author of The Masculine in Relationship: A Blueprint for Inspiring the Trust, Lust, and Devotion of a Strong Woman is joining us and speaking straight to the needs and desires of a woman! This is a smooth talking episode for both men and women to check out how we can communicate and empower each other…and he calls me ‘baby’! GS coaches men in relationships on how to live, love, and lead from their Masculine core. He specializes in “nice guys” who are with strong women. I am pretty confident that we have a few listeners who identify as ‘nice guys’ and ‘strong women’ and I am telling you, this episode will have you understanding the feminine and masculine energies on a whole new level! His teachings combine deep embodiment work with the framework of his Masculine Blueprint that he shares with us in this Friday Fill Up. Don’t delay another minute. Check it out and share with your partner today!