Life is malleable, let’s play with it! Producer of all my amazing film content, Qwan manipulates hours of footage and hundreds of stills to craft the perfect product to share the stories of his clientele. Videographer, director, filmmaker, and one of my best friends, DeQwan Young FINALLY joins us on the podcast for a jam session about how I have chained his ass to my transformation train! Toot toot mafa, we goin’ on a ride! Communications extraordinaire, Qwan has made his name reviewing sports on his YouTube channel, Qwality TV. He has also helped countless others, myself included create an impactful brand and get our messages and missions out in the world. Qwan and I started working together four years ago and we have grown our businesses side by side. We have also grown through life together and we have a lot of good laughs about it in this episode so be sure to tune into this Friday Fill Up to hear from someone who tells it like it is about transformation!