We are launching off a series all about the Law of Attraction! I am kicking off this series with an episode that breaks down what people are referring to when they speak about LOA and what that means for you. You may have watched documentaries like The Secret or read books like Think and Grow Rich. You may have heard of manifestation and transmutation and have no idea what people are talking about or understand how YOU can do it too. Well, in this series, I am going to break it down for you in the best ways I know how. I hold the belief that in order to experience the magic and mysticism of these concepts, you have to break down the mechanics of them first. When you learn how to apply the laws on purpose, you can create deliberately. This is powerful because we didn’t learn how powerful we are in school. We weren’t truly taught how our thoughts become things and so if we are sloppy with our thoughts (and language) we are creating undesired results that are greatly impacting our lives, our loved ones, and the world at large. I want to teach you ways you can take more responsibility for the quality and direction of your life by using the Law of Attraction in an effective manner. Also, in today’s episode, I am reading you a clip of my upcoming book to further explain LOA and how powerful you are. So tune in and turn up to crank up the results you are creating in your life!