It’s July 2020, how are your New Year’s resolutions going? In the beginning of this year, I hosted an Intention Setting Master Class (still available on and we talked about the difference between resolving to fix yourself and setting powerful intentions for how you want to live. Understanding the difference between WHO you are and WHAT you do will make all the difference in the results you produce. Think about it, you know rich unhappy people. You know skinny miserable people. You know pretty angry people….and they are pretty angry. Trying to fix what you think is broken about you will have you searching for that broken part of you for the rest of your life because it doesn’t exist. You are not broken. This year is not broken. This life is not broken. Everything happening has a purpose and if you let it take you out from living great days all the year long, you are missing out on an amazing opportunity. For a jolt of inspiration to start again, tune into today’s #FridayFillUp to remember that you can have a great year all year long AND DEFINITELY not to write a year off half way through it. Get back up on your 2020 vision and I will be sharing a little bit of mine with you!