Join us for an energizing conversation with Resilience Sage, Kelley Halter. As a former Trauma Therapist, Kelley still supports clients in healing themselves from past traumas and move into a space of acceptance. She brilliantly explains how acceptance is the greatest key to life and how to truly understand that no one knows you better than you. As a mother of 3 under 3, Kelley shares how she healed from her own wounds of a traumatic birth experience when she had to really apply all that she had been teaching over the years. Learning how to shift out of trauma will align you with your intuitive guidance so you can live an empowered life. In this conversation we cover the important distinction of Reliance Vs. Resilience and you are going to want to know the difference, folks! To begin to really feel like you are the expert of you, tune into this #FridayFillUp today!