This #FridayFillUp episode, practice what you preach is an invitation to unleash your authentic heart. This is a call to action for those of you passionate about being part of the healing process after these tumultuous times. This current revolt is ripping open old wounds and creating new ones. In this episode, I give you multiple tips, perspectives, and opportunities to fulfill your individual and unique role in how to help humanity move forward powerfully. I want you to recognize, acknowledge, accept, and honor exactly how important you are in the healing and evolution of humanity. It has been made very clear what division and separation causes and I would like to empower those interested and willing to be a catalyst for unity. Tune in to today’s episode for some support, healing, and inspiration to keep showing up for this uprising of our shadow selves. I would like to acknowledge any and all of you playing a role in making a lasting change, educating yourself, speaking up, and showing up for the highest good of all. Everything you do makes a difference. Your energy has impact. Keep showing up. Keep doing your best and keep sharing your love. This too shall pass and when it does, we will still be a human race inhabiting this same planet. Much like a natural disaster, there will be relief and rebuilding necessary. Continue to do things you will be proud of when the earthquake ends. Big love.