WARNING: This incredible episode is only for those ready to absolutely SLAY their goals and dreams! Only tune in if you are dead serious about having, finding and fulfilling your purpose. This is a power packed conversation all about what it takes to be a true authentic leader thriving in your passion. Life Coach and host of Inspirational Perspective, Linal Harris, covers dozens of distinctions between artificial and authentic leadership in this world. After graduating high school at the top of his class, Linal went into a series of poor decision-making that cost him his college scholarship and resulted in him being expelled from school. Starting out broke, living at home with his parents, and in a ton of debt, Linal went on to climb the ranks of various companies, being afforded opportunities to work around the world, and eventually landing in the seat of Chief Diversity Officer for a Fortune 500 company. Now, Linal has dedicated his life to raising up other self-starters by helping them connect to their identity, distinguish their life’s purpose, and embrace their power. Through his transformational speaking, teaching and coaching, Linal helps others unlock a world of infinite possibilities to be great and if you are ready to unleash your greatness, this is the perfect episode to tune into today!