This Mortality Series is so much more than a conversation about death and dying. It is a conversation about life beyond death. It is a pathway ‘home.’ I won’t stop telling you how passionate I am about death because I know all of the potential it provides to live. Your ability to process mortal and ego death intentionally gives your soul a chance to flourish on this physical plane. If you can be with death without fear, you can learn that you don’t have to die for your soul to be free! Your ego has to die for your soul to be free! I want to educate and train you about this because the more you overcome your ego controlling your life and choices, the more it will morph in order to maintain control over you. This is an essential awareness you must master in order to truly maintain peace and power. I wanted to record this entire series to build you up to these next few episodes that will support you taking charge in your life. I am committed to teaching, empowering, and walking with you as you put your egos/identities in the back seat and your hands back on the wheel of your life. This will have you headed in the direction of fulfilling your soul’s purpose. This episode brings you ‘home’ in a way that empowers you to bring others home as well. Because being here is NOT about surviving your way through life until death. It is a chance to flourish and contribute to the evolution of humanity and have a whole lot of fun doing it. So if you know you are ready to let your soul dance with the souls of others, tune into the Mortality Series today!