Join us today for a conversation about grieving death with grace with Ontological Life Coach and Minister of faith, Timothy Demme. Founder of the Exodus Coaching Ministry, Timothy has been coaching for 15 years, walking hand in hand in the divine to support people discover who they are individually and who we can be collectively. Timothy takes the time to share with us many perspectives about understanding ego and ego death, or as he more gracefully refers to it as release and laying to rest. Timothy explains how appropriately grieving the loss of old identities can help us unbecome who we have been conditioned to be and evolve, elevate, and transcend into our more authentic, divine selves. This conversation can lead you into the unlived life that you’ve always felt, sensed, or dreamed of. He explains how our ability to identify the various versions of us can also help us detach from them so that we may fulfill our most divine will. This episode is an opportunity to express our authentic love and become more connected to one another, our purpose, and our contribution to humanity as a whole. This is a great episode if you are feeling ready to shed some emotional weight and live lighter everyday.