Join us for an inspiring conversation with artist Elena Valdes-Chavarria! Passionate and unleashed heart, Elena, is one of the co-founders of DAM, the Determined Art Movement! They are DAM determined to get the magic of art into this world! She is committed to helping people be creatively expressed and showcase their passion with murals and more. Elena was my roommate at the 10 day silent Vipassana retreat and we talk about all that’s available from taking moments of introspection so that we can continue to meet, own, love, and share ourselves. We cover a variety of topics including the importance of unity and community across the globe! It is through our connectedness that we will thrive and flourish! She shares how art can heal and connect us transcontinentally! This is a relevant, rejuvenating, and inspiring episode to fill up on this beautiful Friday. So tune in today for an opportunity to connect, love, and share.