Death happens. Life comes to an end. It doesn’t feel good for us. What is important to understand that it is OUR relationship to death that dictates our experience of it. The way we relate to death is what actually creates its impact on us and our lives. In this #15MinFIllUp episode, I am creating awareness around unhealthy coping mechanisms and teaching positive coping skills. Many say ‘time heals all wounds’ but we know that isn’t totally true. I am offering a new approach to grieving that can shift your relationship to death. This shift can empower your grief process so that you may move through sadness, anger, and confusion into deeper levels of digesting, honoring, and even celebrating death. One other topic that I discuss in this episode is ‘energetic endings.’ We have a hard time with things ending before WE are ready for them to end. This is disruptive to our peace because we are forced to process something coming to a premature ending. Part of healing is coming to an energetic ending that helps us feel complete, healed, and whole. This awareness and application can truly empower us to move forward in life no matter what happens to us. This is a true chance to come back from death.