Come fill up this Friday with the inspirational story of Renee Reisch, a corporate trainer and leader who has cultivated an inspired individuals and teams for over a decade. This New York woman living out on the West Coast shares her story of having lost her voice to illness and had to consider it being gone for life. She talks about the mental, physical, and emotional toll of the idea of never speaking her truth again. After 3 months of silence, Renee got her voice back, got her life back, and found a new sense of passion and drive to make a difference in this world. In this episode, Renee talks about losing family and friends is the physical world who remain right by her side in the spiritual sense to guide her through all of her success. She celebrates and honors the lives of her loved ones by tuning into the energy of their everlasting love to wake up and speak her truth every single day. Join us today and she will make a difference in your world and beyond.