You are going to die. I am not sure if that is new information for you but I am willing to be the one to break the news to you. You will die and so will your family and friends. Your pets will die. Your electronics will die and your enthusiasm will die. Things will also end. Jobs, careers, relationships, opportunities, slumps, and streaks will all come to an end. The Law of Impermanence reminds us that everything comes to pass. This can be the source of great despair and complete joy. Your perspective about the topic of death is what gives it its meaning and power. If you let it control you, then it has power over you and your life. Death is one of the most natural parts of life and for that reason, I have decided to start the Mortality Series to empower the conversation around death, dying, and things coming to an end. I invite you to open your heart to the conversation of death and welcome in a concept that can take your life at the end or the whole time you are here on Earth as well. Here at the Hearts Unleashed Podcast, I am committed to you thriving while you are alive so let’s talk about living on purpose and with purpose.