In today’s episode we are talking to Productivity & Work Mindset Trainer, Nicole Marie Finch! This conversation is packed with important tips and insights about being and staying productive in your career. She also talks to us about how to prevent burnout instead of preparing to bolt when we find ourselves frustrated with work. Nicole has a Masters in Public Health and talks about your mental health.You can shift from going through the motions to intrinsically motivated and inspired in order to fulfill your roles at work and in life! Nicole is a thriving millennial and has 5 minute tips and tricks to succeed in the workforce at any age! Whether you’re a corporate employee, entrepreneur, or business owner, what Nicole has to share will support you in these transformative times! Work-life balance has changed. Work-life productivity has changed. Work and life itself has changed and Nicole is here to talk to you about it all and how to find calm in the chaos in 5 minutes or less. So if you are ready to shift into your most powerful work mindset, get to work on this episode!