Welcome to the Mirror Work Meditation Series! I am so honored to bring you 3 episodes with
powerful information and tools to accelerate your transformation and help you put it into
practice in this very episode! This #15MinFillUp episode is about self-mastery and
transcendence! I love this stage of transformation because many people stay stuck at a
previous stage of self-development. We constantly relate to ourselves as broken and needing
to be fixed, so we become obsessed with finding that broken part of ourselves in order to mend it.
Self-mastery lends us the opportunity to release our addiction to fixing and lean into our
imperfections and beauty as we are! These two stages of transformation grant us access to our
spirituality and enlightenment! It cuts us free from the chains that weigh us down in this
concrete reality and allows us to spread our wings into bliss and creative solutions. Tune into
this episode to levitate above your current reality and elevate into the leader that you are.
In this episode and in this series, I will teach you some of the fine-tuned
details about the stages of transformation you find yourself in. I will also walk you through a 5
minute mirror work meditation to access your highest and best self!