Our favorite local RN is here to prescribe you some comedic relief and teach you how to defend your dreams while inspiring others along the way! Founder of Martial Arts Med, Chuck Myers, has seen a lot of the world as a traveling nurse and Ju Jitsu competitor. Also a stand up comedian and show producer, Chuck combines all of his passions to make a difference, empower others, and promote safety, well-being, and kindness…all while making you laugh. If you have been feeling burnt out, unmotivated, or stuck, this is a great episode to start dreaming about what is possible when you’re willing to travel outside of your comfort zone. One of my favorite aspects of this conversation is how multi-faceted Chuck is and the way that he ties together all of his passions in a harmonious effort to create a positive impact in this world! You are more like Chuck than you know and it is time you take a look at how you can unleash your multi-passionate heart! Join us for this inspiring #FridayFillUp now!