Welcome to the Mirror Work Meditation Series! I am so honored to bring you 3 episodes with powerful information and tools to accelerate your transformation and help you put it into practice in this very episode! This #15MinFillUp episode is focused on the first stages of transformation: self-discovery and self-acceptance. These are the stages we really shed who we are not in order to make room for our soul to come out and shine. In this episode and in this series, I will teach you some of the fine-tuned details about the stages of transformation you find yourself in. I will also walk you through a 5 minute mirror work meditation to access your highest and best self!

As a collective species, we haven’t been taught to look inward for answers until recent years. Often our parents, our school systems, our government system, and influences outside of us give us direction, rules, regulations, and answers. Because of this, we have readily accepted that people outside of us know what’s best for us and we have become dependent on their feedback and direction. In this series, I will help you transition from looking outward to looking inward. I will help you recognize the greatness in yourself by inviting you to sit in front of the mirror during these episodes! These episodes offer you the opportunity to create a powerful shift by opening your heart, mind, and body to the guidance that your soul is waiting for permission to give you. So have a seat in front of your mirror, tune out the world, and tune up this episode!