My dear loyal listener, I want to share this new hybrid guided meditation from a very vulnerable place. This feels like such a personal stretch to produce and share this method of meditation with you and to put it up as a bonus episode on the podcast. It is the first of it’s kind that I have made and I am excited for its potential in helping people move through a whole spectrum of emotions and raise your frequency by exercising the low frequencies and dissipating them. This feels the most raw/vulnerable I have ever been as a leader and host. Like the most up for judgment I have ever put myself like “wtf is she doing? This is stupid” kind of judgement. And yet. Here we are. Here I am. Showing up anyways. Feeling exposed and still excited. Having used this form of meditation for myself, I am confident in the methodology. I feel obligated to share it in a way because I know the potential of its healing power so beyond my ego’s concern, I offer it to you humbly. My request is that if you give it a go, you relax into it. Let it take you. Let it soothe you. Love you.