This #15MinFillUp is one of my favorite topics ever! Quitting! In fact, I wrote a whole book about it! I am going to teach you 7 habits patterns you have that you would probably WANT to quit if you realized you do them so much. These habits keep you stuck doing things that you secretly know you are ready to quit. Much like you know smoking is bad for you and you do it anyways… You do things that bother you but you never make a change and just like smoking, drinking, or overeating, it can cost you your life in the long run. Today I am teaching you about healthy quitting and how to feel good about it! We all do things that don’t serve us and I would like to support you in kicking these habits for good! I am here to teach you to see the subtle subconscious quicksand you exist in so that you can step onto solid ground and start your transformation today!