This episode of the Fully Expressed Podcast features Jonah Boersma, a life coach, breathwork facilitator, and co-founder of B-Zen Wellness in Eugene, Oregon. Christina and Jonah discuss the importance of self-discovery, vulnerability, leadership, and creating a life worth living. Through Jonah’s journey of entrepreneurship, they touch on the valuable lessons we learn from our failures and how they can help us grow. Christina & Jonah also emphasize the importance of being vulnerable and open with our emotions, particularly for men who have been conditioned to suppress them. This episode encourages listeners to ask valuable questions and to be a safe space for people (especially men) in our lives. To open up and create a willingness to go deeper. Because vulnerability begets vulnerability.



Jonah’s Bio:

Jonah Boersma is a Certified Life Coach, PEMF practitioner, breathwork facilitator and Co-Founder of BZen Wellness. As a personal development aficionado, Jonah has spent decades learning about the body-mind connection, the Law of Attraction, different pillars of well being and causal coaching. This devotion to personal growth paired with his experience in business management, mentorship and public speaking has led him to a path of supporting others as they strive to achieve growth in their own lives.

Jonah believes that the human brain is the most powerful tool in the world. The concepts he has learned and applied from his training has given him a great sense of ways he can help others to heal from their past and to live the life of their dreams. He strives to aid others on a path to fulfill their greatest potential. He continues to work on his own evolution so that he can commit even more to the betterment of our world, through his service to others.