We’re all a little queer…or a lot queer! Wherever you are on the spectrum, join Will Fisher and I for an edgy conversation around the quitterdom it takes to be queer! Wil of Willfully Living is sharing his fully unleashed heart, multiple identities, and the way that he ties them all together to make a massive difference in this world! Life coach, retreat facilitator,  leader of transformation, and empowering human being, Wil coaches people through their coming out of the boxes that keep them trapped inside of doubt, fear, and invisibility! I have been so excited to host about this kind of conversation and we hit the mark on so many queer topics! ‘Queer’ bends the societal standard of ‘normal.’ Queer doesn’t play by the same rules in life. It takes power, faith, and grace to quit ‘normal’ in order to show up as you’re fully authentic, unleashed, unapologetic, unabashed self! All are welcome here at the Hearts Unleashed Podcast and I would love to welcome you to listen to this episode!