Take it from a professional quitter, “IT’S OKAY TO WALK AWAY!” In this episode, I am sharing some of the many lessons I learned after I accepted that it is okay to quit things in life. As I share in my book, Giving Up Giving Up: The Memoir of a Quitter, I grew up with the same belief system as many of us that ‘quitters are losers’ and ‘quitters never win.’ This kept me involved in things longer than necessary and had me holding onto people, stuff, and circumstances longer than it was healthy to. In this #15MinFillUp, I am sharing some of the lessons that were only available in the actual act of quitting. These are lessons that I couldn’t have known if I continued to hold on relentlessly. I am sharing them in this quick convo to encourage you to quit that which no longer serves you. It’s time to trade the good for the great. It’s time to find out what exists beyond your fear barriers. It is time to relish in the abundance available in shedding the weight of what you are holding onto. It’s time to become a quitter.