Today’s episode with holistic, intuitive, interactive, transformational, self-mastery coach, advisor, facilitator, wizard, guru, shaman, Nathaniel Solace is bringing you his truly unleashed heart into any and every ‘title’ you can think of. In this #FridayFIllUp episode, we take a deep dive into the truths about the coaching industry and the truths about life! As coaches committed to helping humans find their truth and master themselves, this episode is a total jam session about unplugging from the matrix and connecting directly to your own infinite wisdom! Honestly, this episode just feels good. We connect on a deeper level and I know your soul will resonate with this one! One of the my favorite points that Nathaniel makes in this episode is that no matter what on Earth you want to be you can get paid to be you. You know I love reminding you of that on any and every episode and Nathaniel explains it in a brand new way. For those of you searching outside of yourself for answers and success, this episode will penetrate the depths of your mind, heart, and soul. So quit reading this summary and dive in already!