In this episode of the Hearts Unleashed Podcast, we get to hear Je’net Kreitner’s captivating story of homelessness, tragedy, and triumph! The founder of Grandma’s House of Hope that cares for, houses, and feeds hundreds of thousands of women, men, and children shares how this life-saving, nonprofit came to be. Je’net shares her own story of childhood mental, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse all surfaced being cast as a victim role in a play that activated memories she had tucked away. After already having achieved notable notoriety and success, this woman has gone through all the extremes of loneliness, poverty, and despair before climbing out of it thanks to the unconditional love of her husband and God. Je’net now leads multiple initiatives to support people struggling in order to help them get back on their feet and succeed. Having met her own ‘invisible herself,’ Je’net seeks, finds, supports, and empowers those who are struggling with addiction, illness, hunger, and homelessness. Tune in to today’s episode for a healthy dose of awe-inspiring saving grace that has brought this woman to where she is today. She also shares her book Resurrecting Hope so that you can hear more of her story. To get to know her now open that heart up and tune in today.