This conversation was a really fun way to wrap up Season 2 of the Hearts Unleashed Podcast! I took the opportunity to wrap up the Sex & Intimacy Series telling you about how this journey of self discovery, development, and mastery has been turning me into the woman of my dreams! I have been dropping old identities in order to let the truest version of me arise and appear. In this episode, I am sharing a passion project that I am creating: BARE. A ‘coming of age” documentary about learning to fully accept, love, and trust myself in this world and teach others how to do the same. I also share the simultaneous growth in life, love, and business in this season wrap-up. All of this has led to the beautiful (and very messy) blossoming you have been watching over the last three and a half years and I am happy to share with you how you can start becoming the woman and man that you dream about becoming! Thank you for tuning into the Hearts Unleashed Podcast! This journey is so beautiful to share with you!