I gave birth to this episode from the depths of my soul! For this topic, I am sharing so many aspects around periods, the fertility cycle, moon cycles, energy cycles, seasonal cycles, and more! This is an episode for men AND women to truly empower all of us in our evolution and reclamation of our natural states of being! Last week, I shared the Dance Between the Masculine & Feminine energies. This episode accentuates those points so that we can truly get back to being our whole, complete, aligned selves! We cover many aspects of cycles that rang from: the mechanics of the fertility cycle, the way it lines up with the moon, how you can live in your natural flow states, the breakdowns in education and religion around menstruation, the breakdown in society that does not accommodate for cycles, all the way to birth control and contraception! I am sharing as much as I can to open up as much possibility as I can to our rise in consciousness around one of the most natural cycles on this planet! If you are a woman, love women, know a woman, care about a woman, you listening to this episode will be valuable for all of us.