I am bringing two women onto the Hearts Unleashed Podcast at the same time to share how they talk Sex & Intimacy with men in the world. A men’s intimacy coach who supports men feeling and healing their way through grief after relationships, Alissa is masterful at helping men explore and express their deepest thoughts and feelings. Michele Lyons is a Certified Sex Coach who also holds a Master’s in Expressive Arts Therapy. She specializes in coaching single men to access confidence in their sexuality and themselves so they can create authentic, passionate relationships. She believes that finding one’s Full Sexual Expression can bring vitality and a sense of well-being to her clients. This podcast episode is PACKED with insight as to how to find your full sexual expression so that you can open up to new levels of vitality and well being! This is a great conversation to share with the men AND women in your life who are ready to heal and live unleashed!