This episode is very close to my heart because I have spent much of the year 2019 doing the personal work on my own wounded feminine and masculine identities. I dove in head first because it was so clear that energy work was the next level to step into my whole, complete, and happy self. The awareness around this information has challenged every identity I’ve ever had and and unleashed the boldest leader that I have ever been! Understanding the dance between the feminine and masculine energies will heal our planet! I share how we have operated unconsciously in the past and how we can take inspired action to charge the massive shift happening to our species. I am incredibly proud to bring this awareness to you and teach you more about what is available when you do the introspection work to truly master yourself. This information is for everyone and will serve our whole population, one healed human at a time! If you are ready to understand the difference between the masculine and feminine and the beautiful marriage between them, tune into today’s episode!