I can officially say I am bringing you my most taboo conversation to date! I did my best to walk through this #FridayFillUp’s conversation with respect, love, compassion, and a commitment to educating and healing you. In this episode, I share my experience and interpretation of consent, non-consent, sexual abuse/trauma, and self-expression. I go over 5 important components of consent: ownership, acceptance, release of expectations, self-love, and freedom. I share how the different aspects of consent range widely from marriage, kids, sexual orientation, gender identification, sexual activity, body positivity, and more! I am diving pretty deep into these topics to break up the shame around having open conversations in order to unleash your heart! I am committed to authentic collection in the world and I always promise to start with me. You’re up next for creating a life you love! If you would be served by a better understanding of consent, it’s time to listen to this episode! Love you. **Please note: apologies for some of the sound quality on this episode. We are very committed to an amazing listening experience for you. Service was disrupted during recording and there is no way I could (would) have replicated this. Thank you for listening past it to receive the true message.”