Join us for a very special episode of the Sex & Intimacy series with empowerment and business mentor, Chiara Mazzucco, who turns high achieving women in to happy, wealthy, impact-driven powerhouses! Author, podcaster, and creator of The Leather Jacket Method, Chiara explains how she used her own reinvention to empower the evolution of other millennial women turned female entrepreneurs and on a mission to help them create life changing personal, financial, and romantic freedom. Her own reinvention was no easy journey so if you have run into barriers in life, love, and business, you are going to want to hear her super inspiring story. We get into a pretty intimate conversation about how your life, business, relationships, and well being all evolved together when you take on the introspective work! This is a fun and funny episode about navigating dating apps, getting your power turned back on, and making $40,000 leaps of faith! Chiara bares her soul as we unleash your heart to take a loving chance on yourself! If you are ready to take a bold leap join us today!