This is a great episode for ANYONE struggling with addiction. I even take the time to showcase addictions, other than sex and alcohol, that lurk in the shadows so you can identify where to get started for yourself. I also call out the addictions we reinforce  as noble or expected in our culture. I feel really passionate about this topic because I didn’t necessarily have anyone promoting true health and well being in my life. Sure, there was all the talk about do the right thing, be in good physical shape, the pressure to eat right, and mind your manners. Looking around my life after my own awakening, I noticed how we have all kind of just fallen into what we know when it comes to unhealthy behaviors that we just brush off as vices and guilty pleasures. Well, I decided to give you some more to know so you can do something new with what you know. In this episode, I am sharing how to identify your addictions and self-deprecating habits. I explain how to develop healthy, safe, and responsible habits and coping mechanisms to truly feel your feelings and handle life powerfully. I share many of my own stages of celibacy and sobriety to articulate what is available to you in trying these practices out for yourself! Enjoy this opportunity to check out of what’s expected and step into being a fuller version of yourself.