Join me for a whirlwind of a conversation with dynamic celebrity astrologer, David Palmer, aka The Leo King! He shares his journey evolution and growth as an astrologer, entrepreneur, trend setter, and leader in the world! We jam out on the feeling of isolation from following your heart to finding your path and walking it boldly! We also discuss the commitment and persistence it takes to see through distractions and stay committed to what you’re creating in your life! This conversation will give you plenty of new places to look inside yourself in order to connect more deeply to your intuition, passion, and purpose! David even shares some 2020 astrology projections for you to ponder as we wrap up 2019! One of my favorite quotes from this #FridayFillUp episode is when David said “the Universe is not here to screw you over!” A valuable lesson in learning to trust where your guidance is taking you and an invitation to follow where our intuition is leading you. If you are feeling divinely led, follow your heart to today’s Hearts Unleashed Podcast episode with The Leo King.


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