It is said that if you are not healing your wounds, you are harming them. Host of the Emerge Book Circle, Theresa Destrebecq, explains how she was surviving a mindset of anger and resentment in a career she thought would be her whole life. Having started her career as a teacher, she then became a school administrator where her past manifested in her present. Old wounds were getting salt thrown in them as Theresa persisted miserably for two years before finally calling it quits on her teaching career. Even though she was doing all the meditating, journaling, and therapy available, it was her life coach that finally called her on her subconscious bs that was sabotaging her growth and success. It was only after finding life coaching did things really begin to turn around for Theresa. After plugging into support, Theresa began creating her life instead of reacting to it. ​In that time, she became a life coach and started the Emerge Book Circle which helps hundreds of like-minded woman around the world come together to read AND apply the lessons of personal and professional development books. To find out more, check out today’s Friday Fill Up and to jump into the Emerge Book Circle, visit