I realized something in my work with this 15 Min Fill Up that I haven’t thought about since I first became a coach.
In my work, we were specifically trained to maintain certain boundaries as coach.
This meant leaving our past, beliefs, opinions, and advice out of a coaching session.
I remember distinguishing the difference between friend, coach, and teammate in the program I was going through.
When we would ‘coach’ each other, we weren’t always coming from professional coach.
Sometimes we would slip into our own need to please of save and begin coaching with a bias.
We would relate to each other with love and emotional investment and begin ‘telling’ or ‘nudging’ instead of trusting, knowing, and coaching.
Our own humanness clouded our coaching judgements and we were invited to restore our clarity and become coach again.
WELP! I feel like am breaking all the coaching rules in this 15 Min Fill Up by just being a downright good friend.
I really love being a coach and truly, I am emotionally invested in your happiness. Sometimes, this causes me to get a bit opinionated about the ways that you block your own abundance and joy!
So, I am dishing out all sorts of advice in this episode! I am skipping the part where I have you consider what is possible when you raise your vibration and I am just telling you! 
This episode has a bit a big sister or convo on the couch type of feel as I invite you to leave old relationships, get serious about who YOU are, and attract new into your life to be living at your highest and best! 
So today, I am as much friend, sister, cousin, colleague, as I am coach.

I know you have been craving emotional relief and that is why I have been recording the Emotional Intelligence Series to empower you in your next up level.
Happy Evolving my friend. You deserve it.