This episode is all about a concept that I believe should be talked about in much more detail in the self development world! I am sharing the importance of shadow work. I also point out the fact that it (actually already) is most of the work to be done in self development and self mastery! We see leaders already in their success stage and often envy their fortune and triumphs. We see sunshine, rainbows, money, love, joy, bliss, celebration, extravagance, abundance, prosperity, and more. What we don’t see is the years of behind the scenes work that has been put in to making it where they’ve made it when we discover them. Our inner critic convinces us that they are something special, have it easier, or haven’t had it as tough as us. We call their success lucky or a fluke. In this episode, I am shining light on the shadow work so that you can see what it takes to bask in the euphoric sun beams of breaking through your biggest barriers by facing them head on! Join me for in an incredibly powerful episode that will have you ready to do the shadow work today!