Learn to have fun starting a business from scratch while eliminating stress in the world! This is the one of the many valuable lessons available to you in this #FridayFillUp with co-founder of PSiO network, Nicolas d’Offay. The mission-driven entrepreneur started with a product and a purpose and has created a global brand. In spite of seeing few results after 2 years of marketing, Nicolas persisted in figuring out the most effective way to get relaxation, subconscious reprogramming, and stress relief to people all over the world because he is inspired by the belief that to change the world, you must change the people of the world. #genius In this episode, we jam out on the incredible health and success benefits of prioritizing your mindset. Nicolas also goes on to explain the two types of people in our population and I can promise you, you will want to find out which one you are! If you are really ready to shift believing you can feel better to achieving well being, you are going to want to listen to this episode AND try the PSiO for yourself! To do that, visit https://www.psio.com/en/