Today’s #FridayFillUp guest, Mistie Layne, was a woman bound by shame and who guilt set herself free with self acceptance and forgiveness! She is the author of What Goes Up: Overcoming Your Worst To Live Your Best. From beauty pageants to black eyes, Mistie went from becoming a prominent surgeon to facing forty years in prison after her horrific cocaine addiction forced her to rock bottom. She was awakened by the shock of having taken the life of another. In prison, she found strength in writing and developed a four step C.O.P.E.= HOPE method which walks readers through releasing toxic guilt, shame, and anger. Layne believes that SELF forgiveness and love is the key to true joy and inner peace, instead of depending on others for validation. After her prison release, she humbly rebuilt a career in nuclear medicine and speaks fervently with passion to finally shout to the world her “Raw Truth” of ugly dark secrets that she spent so many years hiding. Her mission statement is simple; “FIND, LOVE and BE yourself. PULL YOURSELF UP!” By sharing her story of redemption, she hopes to educate and inspire a movement to judge less and mentor more. This Friday, we have her sharing heer unleashed heart to inspired to shift out of shame, blame, and guilt into acceptance, grace, and gratitude.