This #15MinFillUp is your road map to your transformation. In my years as a Clarity Coach, I have noticed these 4 major stages of transformation occur in any conscious human’s pathway to fulfillment. During one’s own transformation, these stages may occur different and last shorter/longer. However, they are very common and predictable nonetheless. Knowing these phases helps you to better see where you are in relationship to where you are going and your best route to take along the way. I love to teach the mechanics of transformation because it often feels like navigating a dark cave in which there seems to be no end. The work of transformation itself can be trying and confronting. Not knowing where you are going adds to the tension and anxiety. It is my commitment to demystify this work and encourage you to get started with faith, excitement, and passion. Understanding the true nature and function of this work can help you shift into passion, purpose, and persistence in going for your dream life. Happy Transforming!

If you have been considering where you are in your transformation journey, feel free to take my 10 Factors Blocking Your Freedom Self Assessment