Today, July 29, is the one year anniversary of the Hearts Unleashed Podcast!!!!! This has been my all time FAVORITE project ➡️of my whole ass life!⬅️ We have hit one year! We are hitting our 100th episode next month! WE ARE JUST GETTING STARTED and I am swelling with love and pride for this process. A MAJOR MAJOR THANK YOU for all of the support and love! Thank you for tuning in! Thank you for your feedback! Thank you for investing your time and energy in what the Hearts Unleashed Podcast has available for your own transformation! We at the Hearts Unleashed Podcast are so proud to provide you free resource and opportunity to grow through what you go through! We are so proud to provide tools, products, and courses that serve you at EVERY stage of transformation! Be sure to tune in today to celebrate with us by checking out the 3 Major Stages of Life and discover where you are in your growth process! Since starting the podcast, I have made some major personal and professional progress! As I say in many episodes, you get to grow through what you go through! Always, set yourself up to yield a return on your work WHILE in the process and you will get the gift of realizing there is no such thing as a waste of time or lost opportunity. In my own evolution as an ontological life coach, I have discovered and shared these 3 Major Stages of Life that we ALL go through! The study of ontology is “the study of the nature of being.” I study a condition WE ALL HAVE: the condition of being human. We have fundamental survival instincts and patterns that charge our breakdowns and breakthroughs. In my time as a coach, I have formulated tools, products, and courses to support ANYONE at ANY STAGE of their transformation! This episode will give you a better idea of where you fall on the spectrum of evolution and where you are headed next! I have focused on preaching and teaching Emotional Intelligence because I believe it is the key to our freedom. It is the age old adage, I can give you a fish or I can teach you to fish. I can make you feel better today or I can provide you the tools to live a better life forever. I am interested in your lasting happiness, joy, purpose, and self actualization. Always have, always will be and it is up to you to join me in making the shift from dreaming to doing. Thank you for being on this Hearts Unleashed journey with me. Forever types of love to you.