I am sharing the past and future of my company, Hearts Unleashed on this #15MinFillUp. I am slowing down this week to bring you into my vision in order to share the authentic evolution of the Hearts Unleashed journey. I’m sharing some of my biggest goals and why I am afraid of them! I am slowing down to share with you what I see for this brand and my life as a whole. I love telling you how to be your most powerful self and I am bringing my walls down to let you in on how I want to make my most powerful impact. Announcing our dreams can feel scary and intimidating and sharing them is always just as important. I want to inspire you not to let your fears stop you. If you let your biggest dreams intimidate you, they will always seem bigger than you and too big to go for you to achieve. This can be discouraging and it is so often why we hide out about what we really want. However, I’m committed to living my heart unleashed in order to inspire you to do the same. Finding out what’s possible in life comes from going for what’s possible in life. Although I don’t have any special tips and tricks in this episode, I have my heart on full display, leading by example of what it looks like to live out loud and practice sharing vulnerably so you can shift from dreaming to doing, even just a little bit every day. I love you. Your dream matters. Your goal matters. You life matters. Using your life on purpose and with purpose matters.