This #FridayFillUp will fill you up with hope about finding the perfect partner for you!! This episode is a detailed guide for calling in your most ideal significant other, career, relationship to self, well being, all of it! If you build the foundation of your life on these 5 factors, you can bet that you will be living a life you love! I call this episode Dating 101 because it is an extension from last week’s #15MinFillUp: My Letter to My Future Husband but it encompasses┬áso much more than just dating! I am telling you my friends, getting YOUR OWN life, standards, boundaries, expectation, and conditions of satisfaction squared away first will have everything you dream of falling in line behind YOU! Life is not so much work when you decide to work on yourself first so start right here, right NOW!

(A very special sorry about the sound quality! Mercury Retrograde gave 2 weeks worth of challenges in recording this one and this is the best you are getting today!) Thank you for your understanding, grace, and compassion. I did NOT want to delay this message another minute!