On this #15MinFillUp, we are exposing 5 habits that are holding you back and 5 ways to shift from dreaming to doing this week! Join me in this episode for a breakdown of how you can finally stop holding yourself back! If your busy blaming people, places, things, and circumstances outside of you, it’s very likely you’re feeling stuck. It is my goal to shake you and wake you up to the fact that YOU are the one holding YOURSELF back! It happens to *literally* all of us but it is up to you to shake out of the funk and get going! After you listen to today’s episode, meet us in Growing Gratitude this week as I further break down each of the 5 habits that have been sabotaging your progress in creating your greatest life! Don’t forget to stay till the very end of today’s episode and tune in for the special offer I have for you as an exclusive Hearts Unleashed Podcast listener!