This #FridayFillUp nterview with inspirational speaker Joe McVeen is one that my transplanted mid-westerners are going to love! Joe and I discuss the pyramid of transcendence as he shares his story of leaving Corporate America. We dive in deep into human patterning to explore the real meaning of purpose and letting yours go viral! Joe the creator of the Viral Purpose Academy helps leaders identify,edify, and solidify their purpose and turn it into their profession!

Sitting together in Joe’s bungalow discussing the necessary internal shift that will empower you to go from dreaming to doing was blissful! Having these powerful conversations are what are going to birth the new realms of evolution for the masses! This is an episode that will awaken the sleeping giant within you. It will unleash hearts in a way that will create leaders! So if you are ready to become a conscious leader of love, discover your purpose, and let it go viral, this is the episode for you!