Today’s episode is an amazing #fridayfillup that will truly refresh and fill you up! Military wife and mom, brith educator and doula, and co-founder of Honest Talk International, Michaela Rosales shares her journey with us! Having met her husband at 15, Michaela was a wife by 21 and mom by 23. With dreams of being a doctor, she shares her concept of following her “ribbon of purpose” through life as the scenes, circumstances, and relationships has changed drastically over the years. As a woman moving every 2-3 years, Michaela discovered her own need for a consistent community of support and created Honest Talk International for women to plug into for tools, resources, and support. Her mission to help women live powerfully and with confidence is obvious in this interview. She authentically shares her own trials, transformation, and triumphs so that you may walk away from today’s episode remembering that you are not alone. Michaela is a shining example of staying true to yourself and your passions even when life hands you unexpected curve balls to catch. If you are ready to remember how resilient you are, tune in to her Honest Talk in today’s convo.