We are opening up some new realms of conversation in this Friday Fill Up with a powerful leader for feminine ascension, Caitlyn Pasternak. I asked Caitlyn to share her incredible insight with us about HOW to shift out of this concrete, static reality that tells us who, how, when, and what to be. Unknowingly, we have been raised in a 3D reality that is maintained in a “right/wrong” mentality. We have been trained to believe that there are right and wrong ways to do things, limitations, and expectations to abide by. So many people in this world feel ‘stuck’ and can’t really explain it much more than that because they do not realize how plugging into this matrix keeps us spinning in circles of approval, validation, and the rat race. This has limited our potential in many ways and in this episode, Caitlyn introduces the gateway to ascending above and beyond the physical realm. When we begin transformation, we start a journey that takes us out of our external reality and launches us deeper into our vision, what she calls our ‘internal reality.’ This is the day dreams we exist in when no ones watching. The internal reality exists and can only be found in the depths of your own heart. Caitlyn talks about how to release any resistance stopping you from going fully towards your soul’s purpose and biggest impact. If you are ready to shift from dreaming to believing in your greatest you, tune into this episode! The world is waiting for you to show up fully and we are going to guide you in unleashing that heart of yours.