For this 8 episode series, I am sharing my coaching methodology: The 8 Pillars of Empowerment. The 8 Pillars are:

This episodes Pillar, Action is last very much on purpose! Taking action before the 7 other Pillars is an act of trying to manipulate or control what already is. It keeps you in a disempowered and reactive state of being. We as leaders, thrive in a state of creation. We have never been taught the true difference but I know you can feel it when you are acting from survival and scarcity vs abundance and creation. The work of the 8 Pillars of empowerment is meant to have you ABSOLUTELY THRIVING in life so action ONLY after activation will have you in a better energy as you make powerful choices and progress towards your goals. Inspired, aligned, and activated action gives you the secret sauce people are amazed by when you can bring your dreams into your reality with ease, grace, and flow. It is truly your time to shift from dreaming to doing on this last Pillar of Empowerment!