Alright, Hearts. This is a powerful #15minfillup that I spend sharing how having a coach in 2016 saved me from myself! At a time of going through divorce, changing careers, navigating adulthood, and trying to all of a sudden come up with a new desired future, I got lost for a while. I went straight from a upward trajectory to a complete breakdown and overwhelm. It was the support and accountability of my coaches that truly supported me in creating the next phase of my life powerfully. A major life lesson that I learned in this time is that time does NOT heal all wounds! What does heal wounds is healing them on purpose. It is taking on the inner work that forces you to confront your fears and empowers you to create your life powerfully. Waiting, hoping, wishing, and avoiding will not help. It is up to you to get out of any rut you are in and I am using this episode to remind you that you can!

Be sure to tune into this episode to fill up on insight and inspiration that you can take on powerful action today! If you are ready to have the support of a coach to move through your most challenging times and up leveling, visit to start today!