In this powerful Friday Fill Up, author, leader, entrepreneur and icon builder, David T Fagan shares some stellar insights about business, marketing, and sales, and AS WELL AS relationship, wealth, and well being! I’ve had the pleasure of working with David and have seen his strengths and gifts in action! He’s worked years to build an empire that makes an impact! He supports other leaders in getting their message out to the world as they build their brand. The ripple effect of his heart unleashed has made an immeasurable difference and continues to do so! We cover it all when it comes to powerfully taking your life back as a result of living your heart unleashed!┬áDavid authentically shares the growth of risk taking in business and how to strategically, consistently, and intentionally create positive momentum in the direction you want your life to be going! So if you are ready to buy your life back from monotony or conformity, this episode is an amazing place to start!!